4 Seasonal Japanese Flowers

4 Seasonal Japanese Flowers
  • 4 Seasonal Japanese Flowers 
66 full colored pages with picture step by step illustrations.
The book introduces you all-year-round Japanese flowers. A great book to have if you would like to learn the craft of making Japanese style flowers and plants in clay
Projects include:
New Years decoration, sweet cicely (Seri), shepherd's-purse (Nazuna), (Ogyou), Chickweed (Hakobera), (Hotokenoza), Turnip (Suzuna), Radish(Suzushiro), Equisetum(Tsukushi), Dandelion(Tanpopo), Clover(Shirotsume-kusa), Pansy(Sumire), Cherry Blossom, Persimmon, Plum, Camellia
Pineapple tree (Ananasu), Spider plant (Orizururan),arrowroot (Kutenante), Syngonium, skunk-cabbage, Chinese Lantern?Hoozuki), Morinig Glory (Asagao) and so on.
Moon viewing decoration(Tsukimi), Arista (Susuki), and Pinks (Nadeshiko), Chinese bellflowers (Kikyou)
Sarcandra glabra (Senryo)
ISBN: 987-4-529-04453-0
Note: Book is written in Japanese

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