Amaco Bear Faces Push Molds - Limited Stock (NEW)

Amaco Bear Faces Push Molds - Limited Stock (NEW)
  • Amaco Bear Faces Push Molds - Limited Stock (NEW) 
  • Amaco Bear Faces Push Molds - Limited Stock (NEW) 

Weight: 90gm


Large Bear: 3.5cm (Dia)

Med Bear: 3cm (Dia)

Small Bear: 2.3cm (Dia)

Not flexible

Limited stock on these "Out Of Production" Amaco Push Mold, designed  by Judi Maddigan. 1997

These are some very limited stock which I acquired recently, I'm selling them at a very discounted price of more than 50% from the original price, they are brand new but do not come with the original packaging.



1. Knead the clay until it feels like smooth, firm putty. Roll a ball of clay smaller than the selected impression.Form the clay into a smooth , pointed oval. see  (Picture 1)  Using a soft brush, dust both the mold and the clay with corn starch.

2. Press the point of the clay into the deepest area of the mold (For animal mold, push the clay into the nose area first.)Fill the mold from the center out. Spread the clay only to the edge of the impression. Some clay should extend above the mold.

3. Grasp the clay and pull straight up to remove. If the clay does not release easily, wiggle it. Use scissor or a sharp blade to trim off any excess clay. An Animal's body and head can be molded separately and attached at the neck before baking.

4. When the desired shape is molded, bake according to clay manufacturer's direction (for polymer clay) After baking, the backs of polymer clay pieces can be sanded flat. Decorate with permanent markers or thinned acrylic paints.

 * Mold is suitable for polymer clay, air dry clay and sugar paste/fondant too.

For air dry clay, you might like to apply a layer of mold release agent eg. Vaseline.

Price: Sale! SGD 5.00

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