ComposiMold-LT 16oz

ComposiMold-LT 16oz
  • ComposiMold-LT 16oz 

Weight: 560gm 


ComposiMold is a flexible, rubber mold making material that can be melted poured and reused. This material is a thermoplastic mold making material that works well for plastic casts, plaster casts, and other mold making applications. The rubber mold is usable with many different casting materials including plaster, cement, epoxy, polyurethane, polymer clay, and others. ComposiMold can be used for rubber molds, mold making and as a resin.

With the ComposiMold, many casts can be made with the same mold. When you finished making duplicate parts, reuse the ComposiMold to make another mold and another part. The unique aspect of ComposiMold is that it can be continuously remelted and reused to make new, unique molds.

The simple process: To make molds, pour the ComposiMold over your master part after putting on a mold release and Bubble Buster. Let the ComposiMold solidify by cooling. Time for cooling can be reduced by placing the part in the freezer or refrigerator. Times for cooling will vary. A 16oz ComposiMold container can be cooled in the refrigerator in approximately 1 hour.

Remove the master part from the ComposiMold and pour or press in your casting material.

Molding Tips: -Use a mold release (release agent) on the original when making the mold and in the mold when making your casting. Be sure to reach any crevices, but do not overuse the mold release as it may cause bubbles. Use Bubble Buster on your part after you have put on your mold release. Do not use Bubble Buster on your casting. -When heating for the first time in the microwave, use short durations to ensure that you do not overheat the ComposiMold.

Warning: The ComposiMold container WILL melt if overheated. Do not heat the container without the ComposiMold in it. Also, the ComposiMold WILL BE HOT. Be careful.

Solidifying ComposiMold
ComposiMold solidifies when it cools to a flexible, rubbery, polymer. So to solidify, just let the part cool. To speed up to process, you can put your part in the refrigerator or use ice packs against your part. Do not submerge the ComposiMold in water to cool.

To read more about how to use, download the pdf version at Instructions 


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